Saturday, November 18, 2017

Headmasters headache regarding registration work

Last year, Headmasters of high and inter School did the registration within one month. As all the forms applied by students were with them. All the details are in application form with their photo and signature.

This year board given responsibility of registration to an agency. So the forms were given to agency to do  registration. They worked since last five months and finally once again the registration work has been given back to Headmasters.

Now a lot of problems are faced by headmasters because they do not have hard copy of registration form applied by students. The application given by students were handover to the said agency. And now headmasters have neither photo nor signature of students.

A lot of registration forms are missing photo and signature of candidates.

In this way they are worried about completion of registration within stipulated time of 21st November 2017.

One more big problem the headmasters are facing that they couldn't even email their issue because of the picture shown below.

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